UFO History Keys
By Bill Chalker

I am making available on a print on demand basis a limited first edition deluxe hard cover book "UFO History Keys - Examining the UFO controversy from a historical perspective." It is also available in a transparent softcover format. 253 pages, over 220 pictures (many in colour).

UFO History Keys
For costs and further details please direct your enquiries via my email or via P.O. Box 42, West Pennant Hills, NSW, 2125, AUSTRALIA. While costs at time of ordering will be dependent on prevailing printing and binding costs, and postage cost, estimates of cost of deluxe hardcover are about $60 (Aust) and softcover $35 (Aust) - postage not included.

Bill's previous book was:

OZ Files Government Files
By Bill Chalker

The OZ Files Government Files Reveal the Inside Story of Australian UFO Sightings

By Bill Chalker

ozfiles 246 Pages, Trade Paperback Cover Size: 5 x 8 inches
Duffy & Snellgrove Date: 1996   ISBN: 1-875989-04-8
Country of Origin: Australia

 Our Review Opinion of Glenn Campbell, subject to debate 

In a blow to the the idea that flying saucers are an American commodity, Bill Chalker presents an excellent protrayal of the UFO situation in Australia. Chalker comes from a no-nonsense science background and it shows in this conservative, well grounded effort. Don't mistake conservative for boring... there's some plenty-weird goings-on in the Outback.

In one sense, it is familiar stuff: saucer sightings, abductions, trace cases, strange crashes, etc. But that's part of what makes it so intriguing... that similar phenomena (or delusions, if you prefer) are occurring in widely scattered locations on our planet. The format resembles that of the Timothy Good books, with plenty of references, and it makes a good supplement to Above Top Secret. Overall, a very comprehensive work on the current UFO climate Down Under. Imported from Australia by special arrangement. -- Glenn Campbell

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