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During Memorial Day Weekend, May 29-June 1, 1999, a workshop was organized in Chicago to bring together individuals actively involved in UFO historical research. The intent was to explore the current state of all facets of preserving and exploring UFO history. One result of this meeting was the formation of the Sign Historical Group and the subsequent publication of the Proceedings of the Sign Historical Group UFO History Workshop.

UFO history and the experiential aspects of the phenomenon exist regardless of the actual nature of the phenomenon. Though mainstream scholars generally disregard the subject, the history is robust and has had dramatic effects on our culture over the past fifty years. The Sign Historical Group and the publication of the Proceedings are an attempt to bring a more traditional approach to this fascinating aspect of our cultural history. It is hoped that this publication will raise the level of interest and encourage others to contribute to the sometimes sketchy, often misinterpreted and always incomplete history of UFOs in modern times.

A special thanks to the authors who contributed their time and work to this publication, and an apology to those who were overlooked at the time of the compilation and certainly should have been included. Also, to Jim Klotz, John Stepkowski, Candy Peterson and Loy Pressley for their efforts in bringing this publication on-line.   -- Tom Tulien.

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