Many researchers affiliated with PROJECT 1947 have interests in contemporary UFO research and regularly produce articles and reports of their recent investigative efforts.   We hope to showcase some of this material in the Forum area.  Our first contributor is Bill Chalker.

Visit Bill's excellent blog: for the latest news about his research and publications.

See also his commentary on the recent paper on the revisited "Sea Fury" incident, The Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO), the Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), the Sea Fury encounter and UFOs

Bill has provided us with articles demonstrating his wide-ranging interests in all aspects of UFOlogy, especially his decades' long analyses of ground trace cases.

Click here to read Bill's biography and extensive listing of published articles about his research.

  One of the best known ground trace cases is the 1966 Tully "saucer nest" found in Queensland, Australia. Bill examines the case in detail with the help of official documents, news accounts and an interview with the primary witness in The 1966 Tully Saucer "Nest" - A Classic UFO Physical Trace Case

  In Australian Aboriginal Culture and Possible UFO Connections, Bill explores possible parallels between aboriginal lore and the modern-day UFO experience.

  Bill Chalker has kindly provided PROJECT 1947 with a collection of Early Australian Historical Encounters.

  Bill's interest in physical trace cases is highlighted in his personal Account of 'Angel Hair' Observation.

  Bill further extends his research into physical trace cases with a review of Australian Trace Cases, and a selected catalogue of Australian Physical Trace Cases.

One view of the UFO phenomenon holds that the governments of the world have accepted the reality of UFOs as vehicles from other planets. Another perspective, based on once-classified official government documents, is that while the subject of UFOs has been taken seriously, their origin and purpose remains a mystery.

  In The Ultimate Secret - Fact or Fiction: The Australian Connection, Bill relates stories of Australian close encounters with "Men in Black" and alleged crashed saucer retrievals. The article illustrates some of the vast reservoir of accounts and rumors that exist about governments' involvement with the UFO phenomenon.

Material from government files appears quite tame when compared to the more sensational tales recounted in the first article, but the importance of official documents lies in the fact that they report how responsible officials, military personnel, and otherwise solid citizens have encountered these strange manifestations.

  Having been allowed unprecedented access to previously restricted Australian government UFO files, Bill is in a unique position to extensively detail officialdom's approach to the "UFO problem" in UFOs "Sub Rosa" Down Under - The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO Controversy

Bill welcomes feedback and comments on his articles.

Revised June 30, 2017

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