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Keith has produced many valuable catalogues and investigations, the latest being a collaboration with researcher Paul Dean into the famous 1953 T. P. Drury UFO film.

At about noon on 23 August 1953, Mr T. P. Dury, the Deputy Director of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) in Papua New Guinea, then an Australian territory, took daylight movie footage of an extraordinary unidentified "missile" over Port Moresby.  The UFO was gone in a few seconds but the story of the official handling of the filmed evidence lives on as an enduring part of the UFO mystery.

Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean undertake a "Cold Case Review" of this incident and subsequent investigations utilizing a detailed chronology of events and expanded collections of detailed public and previously classified reports.

  The Cold Case Review Of The 23 August 1953, Port Morseby Visual Sighting And Colour Movie Film.

In this two-part collaboration with researcher Paul Dean, Keith examines the circumstances and analysis of the well-known April 2nd, 1966, Balwyn, Victoria, UFO photograph:

  Balwyn UFO Stage One Report Final Version

  Balwyn UFO Stage Two Report Final Version


Following on from the research undertaken by Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean into the well-known April 2nd, 1966, Balwyn, Victoria, UFO photograph, Canadian researcher, Francois Beaulieu, re-evaluates some previously held theories and offers new insights into authenticating the image.

Keith believes Francois has prepared an extensive and very interesting article which is another example of the continuing investigation into the incident:

  A Re-evaluation of the Balwyn UFO Photograph by Francois Beaulieu

Keith also has his own website where you can keep up-to-date with his latest research:

(Keith has decided to integrate future updates for certain categories of events into his catalogue of "The More Interesting Australian UFO Reports."   Some of his older catalogues have been retired to assist in this process.)

A Listing of Australian Government UAP Files As at 23 May, 2016:

  Australian Government UAP Files Listing As at 23 May 2016

A Catalogue Of Pre 24 June 1947 Australian Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, version 3 has been updated and expanded with 19 new 1909 cases and additional source notes and commentary:

  A Catalogue Of Pre 24 June 1947 Australian Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Keith has produced a collection of original news reports and correspondence regarding the 1966 sighting of a UFO by over 200 school children and teachers in the Melbourne suburb of Westall, in Victoria, Australia.

  Text Source Materials for Westall High School UFO incident, April 6, 1966

A Reference Catalogue Of UAP Reported From The Nullarbor Plain Region Of Southern Australia

A Catalogue of UAP reports from Victoria, Bass Strait and Tasmania around the time of the Frederick Valentich disappearance on 21st October, 1978

A Catalogue Of The More Interesting Australian UFO Reports

A Re-examination of the Zanthus Western Australia Aircraft Encounter of 22 August 1968

Listing Of Reports From Woomera, South Australia, the experimental military test and rocket range.

A Catalogue of Australian Abduction Cases

A Catalogue of South Australian UFO Reports

A Catalogue of Australian Physical Trace Cases

These catalogues join Keith's other works:

A Draft Catalogue Of Reported UFO Cases Where Implants Are Mentioned


A Catalogue And Analysis Of Australian 'Angel Hair' Cases. This catalogue has been updated - February, 2002 - by veteran New Zealand researcher, Murray Bott.

Murray has supplied a listing of these types of cases for New Zealand from the files of Harold Fulton, Civilian Saucer Investigations-New Zealand (CSI-NZ), Hank Hinfelaar, and his own files.

Updated April 21, 2017

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